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Palmyra Farm Cheese LLC is the
2009 Hagerstown-Washington County Small Business of the Year!

Palmyra Farm Cheese served at the Maryland Governor's Inaugural Ball

Palmyra Farm Cheese, LLC

Palmyra Farm is a local family farm owned by the Creek and Shank families since 1942. Located in scenic Washington County Maryland not far from the historic Antietam Battlefield our farm sits conveniently near Hagerstown. The farm is now operated by the third and fourth generations of the family who care for the 300 purebred registered dairy cows that call our farm their home. Twice each day 150 cows are milked and fed a totally balanced diet made from feeds raised on the farm to optimize their health and development. Only whole milk produced by our cows is used to make our 100% pure pasteurized cheeses. Our cows have won many awards for the quantities and quality of milk they produce from local, state and national organizations. They have also been recognized for the last nine consecutive years as the Ayrshire Premier Breeder’s Herd at the World Dairy Expo. Now, we are taking the milk they so generously produce and creating a treasure to share with you that we are sure will earn many awards of its own.

Premier Cheeses from a Premier Breeder

Palmyra Farm Cheeses are uniquely flavored cheeses produced from our award winning Ayrshire cows. They are farmstead artisan cheeses that capture the exclusive flavors and texture of the wholesome fresh milk provided by our distinctive high quality cows. The milk from our Ayrshires has a smooth texture and light consistency with a refreshingly appetizing taste that transmits directly to our line of cheeses. We are offering several standard varieties and some popular flavored variations sure to please many different tastes. Delicious on their own or combined in recipes, we are confident our Palmyra Farm Premiere cheeses from a premier Ayrshire breeder will please your palate.


Our Cheeses

Custom Cheese Varieties available in 8oz and pound packages and 5 lb blocks (package weights vary). Availability may vary according to season.

Aged a minimum of 90 days - just right

Chesapeake Bay Cheddar
Old Bay seasoning makes it go great with seafood

Smoked Cheddar
Pleasant very lightly smoked

Tomato Basil Cheddar
Hints of fresh Italian flavorings

Garlic Chive Cheddar

Lightly seasoned but full of flavor.

Red Heifer Chardonnay Cheddar
Truly a local product. We use Red Heifer Winery's Chardonnay to give out cheddar a very light after taste.

Where to Get

Look for our cheeses at several locally owned restaurants and farmers markets in Montgomery, Washington and Frederick counties including:

Coming Events

Saturday and Sunday Nov 26 - Dec 23 - Artisan Farmers Market - Hagerstow Premium Outlets

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Contact us at:

Palmyra Farm Cheese LLC
18811 Wagaman Rd.
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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